We don’t normally recommend you continue changing profile pictures on social media forums as people will connect with your photo or image and get used to seeing it on social media, but then Christmas comes along so why not have a little bit of fun and get Christmassy social? It’s really easy and super quick too and you can keep your original photo or logo and just add Christmas to it so it’s not a complete change?

Find where your profile picture is saved, or create a new photo that you would like to make Christmassy on your social media profile and then head over to picmonkey and click on edit for free. This will then bring up a page where you open the image you want and can edit it.

As you scroll down the options on the left hand side you will see what looks like a snowflake. Click on this and then select Santa Land or Winter Wonderland. You can then choose a Santa hat, elf hat, reindeer antlers and a red nose or a white Santa beard. You can add one of the greetings they supply for free and put it in the colour of your choice – maybe your company brand colours or a festive colour? You can add snowflakes to the image, a border and patterns or even pink your cheeks and grow a beard if you want.

Have some fun creating a Christmassy social media profile picture for your business and when you’re happy with it you need to start putting it on your social media platforms. Make sure you remember to save the photo and all changes to a folder or your desktop.

For your Facebook business page just click on the image already there in your profile picture and just click upload new photo. On Twitter click on your profile and go to ‘edit profile’ and it will allow you to upload a new photo and on LinkedIn go to your profile, click on the picture and edit profile by uploading a new image.

Easy as that – it will be eye-catching and stand out, while putting you, fans and followers in the festive mood. If you need a hand let us know, we can make your picture Christmassy and upload it to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for just £25 as a one off fee as the picture is yours to use forever, or at least for Christmas each year!