Here at Creative Content Company we spend lots of times giving our clients, and visitors to our website, lots of top tips and pointers that will help them achieve more with their website content, with their newsletters, with their blogging and with their social media.

Sometimes we go for a very pointed blog post, focusing on just one area of a topic or subject. In this blog post we are going very general. We have put together a general list of tips you should think about following if you are a brand new to blogging or looking at creating blog posts for your business.

Don’t Be A Copy Cat

It’s great to have a blogger that you admire, a writer that inspires you or even a competitor that you look up to but don’t be a copy cat. Instead focus on you and your business and offer something unique that only you have.

Don’t Lie or Mislead

It takes a long time to build up trust, especially when you’re not meeting people face to face but building up the trust through your blog posts. You need to make sure you always tell the truth, never lie, mislead or cajole. It’s important to remember that trust is earned slowly but can be lost easily.

Be Super Awesome

There is a lot of noise out there and it’s easy to add to the noise and just be another voice asking for attention, but if you’re super awesome you’ll stand out and therefore become outstanding for your target audience. There’s no room for meritocracy so be awesome.

Be Patient

Give yourself a bit of grace; you’re not going to get results over night. It will take time to get hits on your blog posts so make sure you stay regular so people can see you’re serious about blogging and you’re not just posting a one off blog post.

We hope these general blogging tips have helped you. Remember to keep coming back for more focused or direct tips and pointers on various topics. If there is ever anything you want to know more about just shout.