There are some blog post titles and topics that can be used for a wide range of industries and topics too; for example, in this blog post we have shared 4 blog post titles that can be used for each different product your business sells.

All you need to do is insert your product name or fill the gap and create a blog post on that topic; or if you don’t have the time or skill to write your own blog post why not speak to us about our blog writing services that we have available?

Why Choose ABC BUSINESS For…

This would be a series of blog posts focusing on different products you offer, but is a way of promoting your business, your USPs and what makes you better than the competition – perhaps you offer a better level of customer service, higher quality products, lower prices, faster delivery, etc. You would upload these titled blog posts with others in-between so they are not too frequent.

How To Choose The Best …

Similar to the idea above, you would talk about the different service you offer and why they should look out for the added bonuses and benefits that you offer, which your competition may not; the same sorts of offerings as we listed before. Blogs like this and above can be really good for SEO!

Our Newest Products For (This Month)

This would be a new blog post each month and will give you the chance to promote the newest products you have added to your offerings, showing your customers that you are always refreshing and updating but also that you now offer something else that they may want.

Easy Guide To…

This can be a step-by step guide for your products that take time or skill to set up; each product would have a different guide and it would be written like a dummies guide so the reader can easily follow the instructions and see how easy the product is to use.

Uploading fresh website content and blog posts to your website at least once or twice a week will really help keep your website active, updated and SEO friendly – and it will be fresh for your target audience too!