We speak to loads of business owners who really struggle using social media platforms to promote their business. However it really isn’t that difficult if you follow some certain set rules. In this blog post we have put together some rules (more like tips) to help you master your business social media presence.

  1. Firstly you need to make a commitment. You need to choose the social media platforms you will use and use them. Make a commitment of which ones you will use and how often you will update them. If it’s less than 3 times a week then it is better that you don’t bother in all honesty. You also need to keep posting for at least 6 months, not just for a few weeks.
  2. Make sure you are your ‘real you’ and you show off your personality and the personality of the brand. I am always saying that people buy people. Through showing off your real personality you are showing your target audience why you are different from the rest and why they should use you.
  3. Listen and Chat, don’t just promote. Of course you have to promote what you sell and do, but not all the time. Take the time to ask questions and listen to peoples answers. Then respond to the answers to continue conversations. This helps to build a relationship which is more likely to result in a sale, as opposed to just shouting ‘Buy This’ at people.
  4. Be brave and experiment with video. We know it’s scary. We have been there too when we do everything to avoid it, making excuses wherever possible. However videos get so much more engagement and interaction than regular posts. Whether you choose to pre-record videos or just go for live videos – experiment with videos! You may be petrified, but you won’t regret it.

If you’d like to know more ways that you can master your business social media presence then please give us a call. We would be only too happy to post on your social media pages for you, or help you master your own business social media presence through our social media training in Peterborough.