In previous blog posts we have spoken about what local SEO is, along with why it is a good thing for your business and the benefits you will gain from good local SEO. In this blog post we would like to talk about why local SEO should be a priority for your business.

We have put together 4 reasons why we think local SEO should be a priority for your business. Of course there are any other reasons, but if we included them all, this blog post would never end!

Be Found

97% of consumers will use the internet to search for local products and services near them. If someone lives in Yaxley, they want a local Yaxley hairdresser. They will search for Yaxley hairdresser, instead of ‘hairdresser’ which means it could be one anywhere. Of course, this is just one example of how people ‘search locally’.

More Traffic

All business owners want more traffic to their website. The more traffic to the website means the more potential customers and an increase in the conversion rate too. Search is currently the number one driver of traffic to content websites. Search beats social media by over 300% when it comes to increasing traffic to a website.

Long Term Results

Unlike paid ad campaigns that send lots of traffic to your website for as long as you pay, SEO gives long lasting results. If you work hard to create great quality local SEO content on your website, you will notice long term results from doing so. SEO is known to take longer to start working, but once the ball is rolling – you’re good to go!

More Mobile Attention

Research shows that 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in the hopes of finding something local. This could be a search on your mobile device for a local restaurant, event, service or even product. If you want more mobile attention then local SEO is the way forward for you.

Local SEO should be a priority for your business. If you need help creating good quality local SEO content for your website or business, call us. We can create great quality content that will get you found locally, by your target audience.