As we have done recently, these are 10 more blog post ideas that we have come up with through brainstorming in the office. This time we looked at the fitness sector and came up with these ideas for blog posts that will be good for gym blog posts, personal trainer blog posts and even health and fitness blog posts.

We have spoken about ‘internal links’ in this blog post, this is where one blog post links through to another blog post or page within your website. This is classed as an internal link as it is internally within your website. Internal Links are very much enjoyed by Google and will help the SEO of your website.

1.Why Work Out With Your Loved One?

Discuss the benefits of working out with your partner, eg: motivation, reduced gym membership as joint members, eat healthy together – also discuss different exercises you can do in the home with each other, as a couple, to stay fit and healthy as a couple. Maybe include joint goals like wedding, holiday abroad, etc.

2.Top Work Out Tips For Fitness Newbies

This blog post will be aimed at those that have decided that they want to get fit but now need to know how to get fit. Share tips for exercises, workouts and things they can do in their homes to keep fit, before stepping foot in the gym, then add things to expect from that first trip to the gym (this could be an additional blog post with internal link from one blog to the other).


Explain the importance of stretching before and after running, the best time and place to run and the sort of stretches runners should complete before and after their run. This can be in regards to running for fun and running for competitions, talking about the differences in speed, format and stretches.

4.Gym Bunnies Need Gym Buddies

Start by explaining that if you (the reader) has decided to hit the gym why it is important to have a gym buddy – explaining that it is easy to throw yourself into it the gym at the start but you may get bored – while a gym buddy will steady how often you go while giving you motivation and healthy competition too.

5.Can You Sleep Yourself To Fitness?

Cover the benefits of sleep, how sleep can help you improve your fitness levels and how much sleep it is recommended that a person has. You could add exercises to help people sleep better or wake up feeling fitter.

6.The Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

In this blog post explain the different ways in which a personal trainer or coach can work to help you create a fitter you, explain a personal trainer isn’t just there to make you a body builder, instead to help you become fitter and healthier, but overall to become the person and shape you want to be.

7.How Does Stress Affect My Health?

Talk about the reasons people get stressed, what happens to the body during stress and the things people do to combat stress. Then explain how stress actually affects a person health and fitness, healthier ways to overcome stress and even how to prepare for or avoid stress as a whole.

8.Are Boot Camps Just A Man Shouting Orders At Me?

Talk about the different boot camps out there, what each involves and how they focus on overall fitness, not just barking orders at people – instead looking at sleep patterns, food and a healthier you.

9.What Foods Should I Cut Out For Ultimate Fitness

Discuss the different foods and super foods that offer health benefits, recommend some recipes or recipe blogs people can take a look at. Explain the importance of a healthy balanced diet and that food should be looked at going forward, not just a week here and there while you are trying to get healthier.

10.Fitness Abroad

With summer holiday planning upon us, this is a good chance to talk about how to stay healthy and fit abroad, foods to avoid, exercises to try out in hotel rooms or in the outdoor pool. There is no reason this can’t be made into follow on blog posts with internal links to each. For example Fitness Abroad: Foods To Avoid, Fitness Abroad: Outdoor Pool Exercises and such like, even including places you recommend.