You may have seen in previous blog posts that we are relaunching Creative Networking. We were on the hunt for 2 venues to run our networking events and are thrilled to announce that we have found our first venue for Creative Networking. As you may remember, we really wanted to focus on the local community. This was for the venue but also for the attendees. By offering a low cost networking event, it meant that it was available to all people in business. Which brings us on to our first venue for Creative Networking.

We have chosen The Pyramid Centre in Bretton. Our chosen venue is bright and airy, and actually part of the council building in Bretton. There is an abundance of free parking and it’s near public transport routes too. The event will last for 90 minutes, from 10.30am – 12noon and will take place on the third Wednesday of the month. We will be offering tea, coffee and squash to all attendees, along with pastries.

The event will begin with informal networking for the first 15-20 minutes while everyone arrives, gets their drink and pastries. Attendees will then take turns doing a 60 second promotion of their business to the room. This will be followed by more informal networking, with more drinks and pastries. 

During the 60 second presentation part of the event, attendees will also be asked a random question. This helps us all get to know each other more and support that relationship building side of networking. By having the introductions and random questions, it gives attendees something to talk about in the second informal networking session.

Bookings must be made by 5pm the day before. This will ensure that we have enough pastries to go round. The price per attendee will be £10 and this will include the drink and pastry. However, if you are a client of Creative Content Company and have had services from them the month prior, your ticket will cost just £5. It’s our way of thanking our clients and helping them grow their businesses too.

Keep your eyes peeled for booking details. As we said, these are the details of the first venue for Creative Networking. The details of our second venue will follow soon. We hope you will be able to attend this great new business networking event in Peterborough. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.