Please see below for what the attendees of VisionShift, (our community project / careers awareness day) on Friday 7th October on the male side had to say about the event. Maybe it may even encourage you to come along and join us at the next event;

I thought the event was brilliant and very well organised. The residents were great; they asked lots of questions and really wanted to know how they could get involved. All the businesses that attended were really engaging and I made some great contacts.

Selina at Peterborough Environmental City Trust

* Thank you for inviting me Hazel; this was one of the most rewarding days work over my 11 years of employment in the NHS.

Vivien at NHS, Cambridgeshire

* Really good, worthwhile event – well done for coming up with this idea Hazel; I’m sure as many businesses as residents benefitted from it. Looking forward to next Friday now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Rachel at Forbes Training

* Congratulations to you, Hazel, for putting in the time and taking the initiative. This is a really worthwhile cause and I hope we all made something of a difference yesterday.

Mike at Positive Networking

* For me it was a very emotional experience, not quite what I expected but I really enjoyed the event and the networking was great too. Thank you for all your hard work in organising the event.

Jackie of Forever Living

* Today I took part in VisionShift, it was hopefully motivational to the people I spoke to. I felt honoured to be involved.

Hayley of Travel Counsellors

* Had a great time at VisionShift today, incredibly inspiring for all.

Anna of Quibble Content

* Massive honour to have been a part of VisionShift today, thank you Hazel for all your hard work.

Ellen of Ellen Jackson Videography

* Just got back from a great day at VisionShioft, a real inspiration. Thank you Hazel

Dani of College of Animal Welfare

This is just the feedback we have received so far, we actually took 42 businesses into Peterborough Prison for VisionShift and it was a really positive and successful event, thank you again to all that attended and for your feedback. I look forward to seeing some of you on the 14th Oct for the female side!