Father’s Day will soon be upon us. This is a great way to celebrate the amazing father figure in your life. However, it also gives us some great blogging opportunities for business too. In this blog post, we share some Father’s Day blog post ideas that you can use for your business.

The most obvious is to promote the services or products you offer that lots of dads might like. For example, this could be handmade gifts, personalised items, beers, wines and similar. You may have services that would be of interest to fathers too. These could be things like a personal trainer session, an hour with a life coach or business coach. If your dad runs his own business, then how about some marketing services paid for in advance – like our online marketing services for example!

We have said many times that people buy people. Your audience want to know who you are and the person behind the business before they part with their hard-earned cash. So why not use Father’s Day as an opportunity to hare more about you?

You could have an interview with your dad about your business. Ask him what he understands of your business and what he thinks that you do. This could be really interesting for you as well as your audience. What does your dad really think you do, and does he really understand what you do for a living?

Another option for a Father’s Day blog post idea is to talk to your team who are dads. Take the time to interview them. Ask them what advice they have for other dads or new dads to be. Talk about how think fatherhood has changed their outlook on life. Add a bit of humour and ask if they have any funny stories to share or embarrassing moments as a dad.

Talk to your team about their relationships with their dads too. Ask them if they have any favourite memories of their dads or Father’s Day. They might have a Gather’s Day tradition that you can share in a blog post too. Or even a favourite quote that their dad always said.

These are just some Father’s Day blog post ideas to get you going. If you’d like some more blog post ideas or want help writing your blog posts, drop us a line. Our bloggers in Peterborough will be happy to help your business achieve more online through blogs.