Here at Creative Content Company, we offer white label services to our clients. However, it isn’t a service that is suitable for all clients. It is a well-placed service for VAs, marketing agencies and web designers, as some examples. It enables these businesses to offer more to their clients and target audience.

There are lots of questions we are commonly asked around our white label services in Peterborough. So, in this blog post we asked the FAQs about white label services.

What Is White Label Content?

White label content can be things such as blog posts, website content, product descriptions, articles, press releases and more. As your content writer, we will create the content for you. This will then be sent to you as a word document. You can upload it to the client’s website or send it to your client for their approval. Nobody needs to know that you didn’t write the blog post or content. It’s your choice if you tell them.

What Does White Label Mean In Business?

To white label a product it means to remove anything that relates to the creator of the product or service. This means removing any branding, logo or company names for example. Through this, a business can then sell the product or service as their own.

In the case of white label content, it means that a business can use the content we write with no connection to our business or brand.

Is White Label Content Legal?

Yes, I am not on the run from the law and I’m not on wanted posters in the dessert. White label content is completely legal. It enables businesses to have content from us on their website. It also allows agencies to offer their clients more services, by offering our serviced under their business. You and your team can spend more time doing what they do best for your business, while we look after your content writing for you. The best thing? Nobody needs to know. You can take the praise for the high-quality content on your website.

Want to know more about our white labelling services and how our services can work for you? Call our content writers in Peterborough now.