When business owners are considering outsourcing their blogging, one of the first things they want to know is how much does a blog post cost.

Here at Creative Content Company we often get freelance writers come to us and offer their blogging as an outsourcing option. When we ask them “how much does a blog post cost?” they say it depends on the project.

That’s not how our bloggers work here. We have a set cost for a blog post. That way you know what to expect before you start work with us. Our prices and clear and transparent on the website. Sometimes our prices will go up, but this is always shown on the website.

On top of this – our clients will only pay the cost of a blog posts when they started working with us. We have a client still paying £20 a blog post. That’s because that was the price early on when we set the business up.

While the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true, we know we are a lot more affordable than other blog writers. This is because we have fewer overheads. We don’t spend money on expensive paid ads, online adverts, huge offices and more. Instead we have a perfectly sized office in Peterborough. Also, we use our own services to market the business.

You may find that businesses based outside of the UK can offer blog posts for around £5. However, you may also find that these blog posts are not well written and full of typos and grammar mistakes. Alternatively, they may be written in an extremely formal way. They may be using the Queens English – which may not work for your reader. Even worse than that you may get a really well-written blog post. However, this may have been stolen from the website of your competitor.

For an affordable price, our blog post writers can create high quality content, that is engaging, relevant, unique to your business and SEO friendly. It will be focused on helping you achieve your business goals; whatever they may be.

How much is a good quality, well written and researched blog post? Check out our website to find out!