Do you struggle getting across how much you want to express your happiness, anger or surprise on Facebook? Well you’ll be pleased to know this is all to change ‘pretty soon’ – in the words of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg who have recently been trialling the new feature in Spain and Ireland.

The six emotions have been trialled for four months and include a heart for love, a smiling face for ‘haha’, a smug face for ‘yay’, an open wide mouth for ‘wow’, a teary face for sad and a frowning red face for angry. These six icons will appear when you hold down the ‘like’ button on your mobile device, or hover your mouse over the like button when using your computer.

It hasn’t been confirmed when this new feature will appear in the UK but it is looking likely it will happen soon. The like button has been around for a very long time on Facebook and this is just an upgrade to that feature.

Mack Zuckerberg said that billions of likes are made every day and Liking things is a simple way of expressing yourself while using the social media platform of Facebook. However not every moment is a good one and sometimes you just want a way to express sympathy – that’s why this new feature with 6 new ‘like’ options has been introduced and trialled in other countries and is soon to come to the UK.

This has come further to the recent rumours that there would be a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook, which has been ruled out by Facebook as there were fears it would cause negativity on the social media platform – where apparently an ‘angry’ face wouldn’t cause negativity?

However the dislike / thumb down image is still available as a sticker via the messenger app that is part of Facebook as well as other new stickers such as a heart, fingers doing the peace sign, a hand holding a bunch of flowers, a glass of champagne, a protest fist, a thumbs up with a bandage round it, a pointing finger, a ‘call me’ sign with fingers and other, similar images.

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