It’s all well and good having a list of contacts that you can send your email newsletters too but how can you make sure that you’re creating engaging email newsletters? In this blog post we have put together some top tips for creating engaging email newsletters for your contacts that will keep them captivated and wanting more.

  • Write Quickly: Your enthusiasm will come through when you write fast, if you type slowly and over think things you’ll find that your enthusiasm and personality is lost in the email newsletter.
  • Short & Sharp: Long email newsletters just bore the reader so keep it short, sharp, snappy and to the point. Challenge yourself to cut your newsletter by half and remember that link to blogs are better than posting the whole blog post.
  • Ask Away: If you picture a face to face conversation you would ask questions to prove a point or to make the person you are speaking to think. Do the same in email newsletters; ask questions as if you were face to face with the reader.
  • Use You: ‘You’ is one of the most persuasive words in the English language so use it when you’re creating your newsletter.  Would You, Can You, Easier for You and so on, don’t overuse ‘You’ to make it look spammy though!
  • Personalise: Make it personal to help build that relationship, to get the reader to like you, trust you and feel like they know you. After all, that’s why you’re sending the email newsletter anyway isn’t it?
  • Avoid Automation: We all know the feeling we get when we open the email that says ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ or ‘Dear Manager’. Its emails like this that I close down, delete, ignore or even unsubscribe from because they look like spam.
  • Be Natural: Don’t over think email marketing instead think about how you speak to your customers when you see them for real, use words and phrases you normally use and most importantly, be human!

If you show in your email newsletters that you really care about your customers then you’ll continue to grow your brand awareness, mailing list and customers.