We don’t like to scare our fans, followers and visitors to our website – but sometimes we come across some pretty scary statistics that we feel our audience just need to see, however scary they may be but don’t worry because this scary story has a happy ending!

  • 21% of people that receive email newsletters will mark it as spam, even when they know the email newsletter isn’t spam.
  • Based on the ‘from’ name on the email newsletter, 43% of receiver will mark the email newsletter and its sender as spam.
  • 69% of receivers of email newsletters will report an email newsletter as spam, based purely on the subject line of the email newsletter.
  • Based on the subject line alone, 35% of email recipients will open the email newsletter, regardless of who the email newsletter is from.
  • If you have an email list with more than 10% of unknown users your email newsletter will have only have 44% of their email newsletters delivered by ISPs.
  • On average, 30% of your subscribers will change their email address annually.
  • If email newsletters were optimised for image blocking the return on investment would increase by at least 9%.
  • 84% of 18-34 year olds use an email preview pane so you need to make sure your email newsletter looks and sounds good so people are encouraged to read more.
  • Research shows that people who buy products further to marketed email newsletters spend 138% more than those purchasing products without a marketing email newsletter.
  • 44% of people that received a promotional email newsletter in 2014 made at least one purchase based on the email newsletter.
  • Think about how your email newsletter is being read because around 35% of business professionals use a mobile device to check emails.

Now for the happy ending – if you need help with your email marketing or email newsletter creation then give us a call, we can offer advice and guidance, newsletter creation training or even create your newsletters for you?