I know nobody wants to use the ‘C word’ in October, but just by stepping into your local supermarket or garden centre you will know that the time when the ‘C word’ can be used is fast upon us and that’s because Christmas is fast approaching and whether you are a shop on the high street or an online business you need to start thinking about your email marketing for the festive season.

Think about a promotional schedule which needs to include last minute sales that will guarantee delivery before Christmas but you may want to think about sales and offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday too. These special days don’t need to be just for products, but for your services too as some business will have less available funds at Christmas.

Engage with your social media connections too and not just by selling at them, this could be through a Christmas competition. If you sell products the give a product away, if not then why not give away your service and a Christmas Hamper or a box of chocolates – these sorts of things look ‘fun’ in your social media, as opposed to a picture of your service?

Use your newsletters to share events that you are running, whether you are having neighbours and clients into your office for mulled wine and mince pies or you would like to invite them to a Christmas themed networking event you are attending. During the festive period many businesses will be quieter so why not take this chance to arrange an event and catch up with them?

Create a list of loyal / favourite customers and spread the festive cheer – whether this is a newsletter wishing them a Happy Christmas with a special offer, or sending them a card and gift in the post make sure you spread the festive cheer and make your customers feel special.

If you are selling products and know you’ll be busier round Christmas make sure you can provide what you are offering via email marketing and make your shipping dates and shipping policies very clear so nobody is left feeling let down.

If you need help with your email marketing over the Christmas period, or in preparation for the Christmas period then let us know, we would be only too happy to help with your newsletter creation and newsletter content.