We recently shared a blog post with some egg-pun words and examples of how these can be used to promote your business at Easter, and due to the popularity of that blog post we would now like to share with you some egg related puns that you can also use to promote your business online through social media posts, for special offers, within your blog posts or in your newsletters.

As we have said before – promoting your business needn’t be serious all the time; it is okay to have a little bit of fun and often this will be what attracts a larger audience to your business because they know you’re good at what you do, but you have fun with it too.

So, these are some of the egg related puns we have come up with and how you can use them in your social media posts, blogging, newsletters and marketing this Easter;

  • We are not yolking with you; our (insert product here) really is that affordable!
  • Happy Fry-Day everyone, hope it’s an egg-citing one.
  • Don’t be such a chicken, come in to the gym and do some egg-cercise / take on that egg-streme egg-perience with our outdoors team.
  • It may be rainy outside, but here at (insert company name here) we are always sunny-side up.
  • Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s hatch a plan
  • Loving all the egg-related puns out there recently, they’re cracking me up!
  • We are in shell-shock at the low prices we are currently offering; fancy grabbing an egg-citing bargain or two?
  • You lot are such rotten eggs for not getting involved in our egg-cellent egg puns this weekend.
  • I might just whisk it and go for a run this afternoon – anyone want to join me for some egg-cercise?

Then a perfect response to those that may not have opened or replied to a newsletter campaign you have sent them, or maybe they are avoiding getting involved in your egg-puns how about this for a reply;

Are you egg-noring me? Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes?

Let’s have a little bit of cheesy and perhaps cringe-worthy fun this Easter? Come on; it’s egg-citing!