With Easter fast approaching we are all starting to see some egg puns floating around on social media, in adverts and marketing, but maybe you are struggling to come up with egg-cellent egg words to promote your business this Easter or everything you have come up with you have seen before?

In this blog post we would like to share with you just some of the egg-celllent egg words we have come across and how you could use them in your social media posts, in blogs or throughout a newsletter campaign confirming your office hours over Easter and any special offers you have coming up.

So here goes, let the egg pun words arrive;

If you’re looking to slot in an egg-pun here and there for some egg-stra fun then why not consider using things like the following;

  • This Easter we have egg-sactly what you are looking for
  • Want to check out our Egg-citing new range?
  • We are egg-static about our upcoming sale, want to find out more?
  • It’s a little egg-stravagent, but this breakfast is egg-sactly what you need on Easter Sunday.
  • We have some pretty Egg-splosive news to share with you, check out this blog post.
  • Want to try out something egg-streme this Easter bank holiday? Contact out outdoors activity team.
  • These are our gym opening times if you want to squeeze in some eggs-ercise this long weekend.
  • We always offer egg-ceptional customer service, just look at our testimonials page

Here at Creative Content Company we think that social media should be fun, by sharing some of these social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin you’re sure to have people responding with other egg puns and words to get the engagement flowing.

As we always say, people can buy your product or service from anywhere – why should they buy it from you? Could it be down to your

egg-cellent sense of humour that just cracks them up?