If you’ve met the team here at Creative Content Company, you’ll know we are pretty good guys. When it comes to local community support, we do quite a lot. Between us we have volunteered with Light Project Peterborough and the Winter Night Shelter for over 11 years – as one example. Three of us have volunteered for local community and council groups to better our local areas. We have all been involved in our own projects too.

We also care about our clients. When Sarah joined the team last year, part of her role was to look after our clients. So, as Easter was fast approaching, we wanted ideas of how we could gift Easter treats for our clients and offer local community support.

Then an email arrived from Peterborough Lions and our questions were answered. They do an Easter Raffle that raised money to better the local community. As soon as the email arrived, I quickly purchased some tickets for the team, so they had a chance of winning the egg. Of course, I had to get some raffle tickets for my stepchildren too.

Then we started thinking. Each sheet of raffle tickets for the Easter egg was for 75 chance to win the egg. We decided to buy a raffle sheet solely for our clients. This meant that our clients got a little Easter treat of a raffle ticket, we could offer local community support and one of our clients would win a HUGE Thornton’s chocolate Easter egg that would be delivered directly to their door!

So, that’s what we did. We spoke to Peterborough Lions and ordered our own private Easter egg raffle of 75 tickets. We then allocated the tickets to our clients. These raffle tickets were sent out to our clients in a lovely Easter card. Now we just need to sit tight and wait for Peterborough Lions to pull out the winner at the end of this month.

Easter treat for clients – tick. Local community support – tick.

However, only one thing went wrong. I forgot to get an Easter egg raffle ticket for me!

But it’s fine, raffle tickets for the Peterborough Lions Easter Egg Raffle are still available. They can be ordered here.