For many small business owners, driving results through social media can feel like a huge challenge, but with the right social media platform, the right social media training and the right social media knowledge you will soon find that driving results through social media can be a walk in the park. So how can you drive results through your social media for your business?

Firstly you need to be consistent; you can’t just post once or twice expecting the world to connect with you and then give up when they don’t. You also can’t just post sporadically whenever you feel like it, maybe weeks or months apart and expect your followers and fans to be sat waiting for your next update on you chosen social media platform or platforms.

Whether it is once a day or once a week, find some time in your diary to set aside your mind to focus on the social media for your business. You can use tools like Hootsuite (our preferred social media scheduling tool) or similar scheduling tools and plan what you are going to past for that day, week or month.

Try Those New Things to Drive Results through Social Media

So you decided you wanted to achieve more from your social media platforms and your online presence as a whole. You went along to a social media training session or a social media workshop and you learnt loads of new things and you took pages full of notes – what now?

Just writing good ideas, pointers and inspiration down will not help you drive results through your social media platforms. You need to use what you have learnt from the social media workshops, try out those fresh ideas and give a new idea a go – you never know what it could lead to!

Stay Inspired To Drive Results through Social Media

If you’re bored of social media the stuff you post on social media will be boring and then your followers and fans will be bored and they will disengage from you or even un-follow your accounts so it is important you stay inspired when using social media to drive results for your business.

Have a look at what others in your industry are doing and see if you can pick up ideas from them, book onto one of our review days and you can pick our brains for new ideas and inspiration over a coffee in Bewiched – the review slots are 30mins long and completely free of charge. Staying inspired will ensure that you keep your fans and followers engaged and that will help you drive results through your social media platforms.