I know I have been sharing Linkedin matters a lot recently, but I couldn’t help but cringe at this recent message I had received on Linkedin from a relatively new person in business so I just had to share it; as a pointer to us all of how not to use Linkedin and to remind us to do our research first or it can get embarrassing;

As usual, I received a connection request from someone; there was no personalised message so I sent the standard message that said a polite Hello, explained I didn’t recognise the person from their profile or picture (their profile photo was a logo) and that without a personalised message I wasn’t sure of the reason for the connection request or how I could help.

Side Note: Please do send a personalised message with the connection request; you wouldn’t go to a networking event in Peterborough and give your business card to someone without a Hello and then just walk off but that is what you are doing with a connection request and no message.

Anyhow, the person promptly replied with the following message;

“Good Morning Hazel,

I am starting a new business and I am trying to spread the word that I am a creative artworker who can create interesting Newsletters, Posters and that if anyone needs any help then I can help with various designs and graphics to enhance their newsletters to a very high standard.

If you hear from any of your friends and colleagues and they say to you “Do you know anyone who does Newsletters?”, you can now say “Yes (insert the company name here), do that.” I would appreciate your help by letting people know that I am about.

Many Thanks.”

I replied thanking him for his prompt reply and added that usually when people asking me if I know anyone that does newsletters I tend to reply that yes, we do; as this is one of the main three services that Creative Content Company offer.

Queue awkward silence!

It doesn’t take long to do a spot of research before contacting someone and it can save you a lot of embarrassment. This company has shown me that they do no research and therefore I would not use them; they have done themselves more harm than good as I certainly wouldn’t recommend them either.

If you’re not sure how to use Linkedin to network or grow your business then give us a call; we offer social media training for Linkedin or we can manage your Linkedin profile on your behalf.