So there has been another update on the Facebook algorithms, in this article we will tell you about the algorithm changes that have taken place, what it means for you and how you can use this algorithm change to help your business page on Facebook.

Facebook Algorithm Change One:

Posts about your friends liking a page or commenting on a page will now be pushed down the news feed. Many business pages relied on a few engaged fans to leverage the reach of their facebook business page but this algorithm will change that and it will drive the reach of your business page even further down.

To get round this you need to remember that a large fan base that isn’t actively engaged, liking, commenting or sharing your posts are of no value. Of course you still need fans on your facebook business page but they need to be active fans!

Facebook Algorithm Change Two:

Facebook are trying to balance out the content you see on your news feed, in the right mix. This means facebook will take the stance that things that make you engage are things you want to see. Basically thinking, the thought process of this facebook algorithm means that if you like to read news or interact and engage with posts on certain pages these will be what you see on your news feed.

This means that business pages with a fan base full of active fans which engage and interact with their posts will have their content and business pages seen by their fans. The reach of the content will increase, but only within the core fan base of your business page. This means your content needs to be timely, relevant and easily shareable to ensure that expand your search.

Facebook Algorithm Change Three:

Facebook now allows multiple content from individual publishers to show in your news feed. You may remember Facebook used to prevent individual publishers such as business pages and friends from taking over your newsfeed but this is now being allowed.

Don’t use this as a way to leverage your content but it’s good to know that any additional content you have will be seen. If your content is already very good this is a win for you.

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