As the year 2013 came to an end I re-evaluated what was going on in life. I looked at where I was in life, where my career was, where my personal life was and where I wanted all of this to be. I decided that were some parts of my life that I didn’t enjoy and this did start to bring me down so I looked at ways of improving this. I have taken on the thought process that if I don’t like doing something, then why do it.

Let’s go back a few months; I left an SEO Company in Peterborough because there were parts of the job that I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t enjoy selling to people, I am fine selling face to face, but selling over the phone is not something I am keen on and it was a task that went on my to-do list and never came off.

The same goes for finance, accounts and the admin type chores. I didn’t enjoy keeping receipts, sending invoices and checking clients had got them and that they were able to pay, etc. So I decided to leave the job I was doing and set up on my own. As the end of 2013 comes round I realise I am doing the things I didn’t enjoy before, so as 2014 appears I decide enough is enough, if I don’t enjoy doing something I won’t do it.

So, I now have a team working with me at Creative Content Company. I have Angela starting at the end of this month. She will be doing admin and accounts. She will be the lady that sends the invoices, keep the receipts and make sure everyone pays on time. Then we have Becky who started recently, she will be the lady that does the sales calls. Which leaves me, I will be the lady that does what she enjoys, I will do the blogging and social media. That’s what I started my own company to do, so that’s what I will do.

The same goes for my clients at Creative Content Company, they don’t enjoy blogging so they pass the blog writer chores to me and they don’t enjoy updating their social media accounts so they pass on the social media management to me.

At some point in your career there will be something you don’t enjoy but you just grit your teeth and get on with it, but when you run your own business you don’t have to. When you run your own business you can delegate some tasks to others in your team or even outsource some tasks.

What part of your job do you wish you could delegate or outsource?