We have been working with a care home recently, with regards to their online presence. It’s a council funded care home for the elderly. Funding isn’t huge, but the care for their residents, in our opinion, is second to none. However, they have a real issue with a marketing mug. A local business kindly donated a large number of mugs for them to use for residents and their visitors. This is where the warning to not be a marketing mug comes in.

A local funeral home has kindly donated the mugs to the care home. After all, it is their target audience, sadly. But this is where we believe that the funeral home has done it wrong.

Imagine you are visiting a sick relative. The carer offers you a cup of tea. You accept and as you are given the mug of tea you are presented with the logo and contact details of a nearby funeral home. Maybe we are being overly sensitive. However, we don’t believe that you should be in a care home being reminded of your ‘next destination’ every time you have a cup of tea. The same goes for the family. We all know what’s coming – but we don’t need reminders of it.

This could have been done so much better. How about a motivational message or kind thought. Something about making memories that count or similar. You could still have the name of the funeral home, but it wouldn’t be so prominent. Perhaps there could be talking points, or nudges towards conversations and happy memories. Something like – what’s your favourite holiday, favourite animal or best place you have been too.

Before you start marketing for your business, think about how it can be done the right way. The last thing you want to be is a marketing mug. There is always a good way to market your business. Just make sure you consider how your marketing message is received and if that’s how your business wants to be seen?

Side Note: We couldn’t bear the thought of the funeral mugs any longer. Out of our own pockets we purchased a selection of new mugs for the residents and the family. They are commented on lots by everyone. We haven’t put our business details on and would be extremely unlikely to get any further work from this audience either. However – we have made some people and their families last days just a little bit nicer, and that’s enough for us.