We speak to so many business owners who tell us they need a newsletter, we ask them what they would like to get across in the email newsletter and they say they aren’t sure. It turns out that their friend who runs a different company sends out email newsletters and that email newsletters really work for them.

When you run a small business, especially when you are starting up, lots of people will give you advice but just because something works for their business it doesn’t mean it will automatically work for your business. So, before running off to create your next business email newsletter just stop and have a read of this blog – does your business even need an email newsletter?

To figure out if your business needs an email newsletter or not the first thing you need to do is some research. Look at your industry and find out if there are successful email newsletters that people subscribe to. Then look at what they are made up of and what’s in them.

Then you need to see what resources you have available and what resources are available to you. Do you have the budget, the time and the internal support because let’s be honest, a one-off blog post is not going to help anyone, you need to keep at it on a weekly, monthly r quarterly basis.

Have a look at the goals of your business too and if a newsletter would support the goals of the business. For example are you trying to increase the number of leads, close more deals, retain more customers or better qualify leads to speak with salespeople.

If the goals of your business don’t line up with a newsletter then an email newsletter will not be of use to your business, but if they do then definitely consider creating an email newsletter for your business. If time is worrying you and you’re concerned you will not be able to create a newsletter regularly then give us a call and we can do it for you – we can even design your template that you can keep forever and then we can do your newsletter too.