Here at Creative Content Company we spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. For us, it is a brilliant business networking platform. We have a LinkedIn connection approach that works for us and we use it. There are a lot of different LinkedIn connection approaches out there. Some I can see work really well.

However every now again I will see a LinkedIn connection approach and I can’t figure out how this will work. I have shared an example below. This is a real example of an actually conversation on Linkedin. I’m sure we can agree I put too much time into this. I did use the suggested replies from LinkedIn in fairness! But, I do wonder if you can figure out how this LinkedIn connection approach is meant to work or what it is meant to achieve.

So, Tuesday Afternoon was when this all began. I received a connection request from Moloud and sent the following response.

Hazel: Good Afternoon, How are you? I’m just relaxing in the hairdressers – a lovely feeling of normality, but I am in full mask and plastic cover. Any normality at your end? What was it made you chose to connect with me? What kind of posts do you find interesting so I can make sure I post more of those. Hazel.

Mouloud: Hello Hazel, Good evening, I am happy to know each other

Hazel: Thank you

Mouloud: How are you first of all?

Hazel: I’m good. How about you?

Mouloud: I’m fine

Hazel: That’s good to hear

Mouloud: We are new respectable friends

Hazel: Okay

Mouloud: I am glad to know each other well

Hazel: Sure

Mouloud: Thank you. I know you by my name Mouloud B****. Nice to meet you

Hazel: Hi

Mouloud: Yes. I live in Algeria. And you?

Hazel: See profile 🙂

Mouloud: We get to know each other

Hazel Cottrell: Yes

Mouloud: To be respectful friends, we get to know each other, we talk

Hazel: That’s nice

Mouloud: Thanks. What country are you from?

Hazel: UK

Mouloud: good. I am 42 years old

Hazel: Okay

Mouloud: And you?

Hazel: I don‘t want to answer.

Mouloud: How old are you?

Hazel: No thanks

Mouloud: As you like. Excuse me if I embarrass you.

Hazel: I don’t know why you need to know my age?

Mouloud: I told you from the first, we are good friends; we get to know each other well.

Hazel: You don’t need to know my age to be my friend

Mouloud: It is just an exchange of conversation between us

Hazel: I’m going to go. I’m not comfortable.

Mouloud: Did I bother you with a question?

Hazel: Yes

Mouloud: Excuse me, my respectable friend

Hazel: No thank you

Mouloud: It is just a question. We are new friends, respected acquaintance.

Hazel: It’s a rude question. We are not respected friends. You are showing me no respect by asking my age

Mouloud: I’m sorry

Hazel: Good

Mouloud: Excuse me

Hazel: Why?

Mouloud:  Excuse me, we at dinner time, continue talking again

Hazel: No thanks

The next morning Mouloud contacts me again. By this time I have deleted him as a connection on my LinkedIn account.

Mouloud: Hello good morning Hazel

Hazel: No thank you to further conversation

That evening he continues

Mouloud: Hello good evening Hazel

I ignore the message. 4 days later, on a Sunday morning at 8.37am he sends me another message

Moloud: Hello good morning Hazel

Hazel: Gosh, are we doing this again?

Mouloud: How are you?

Hazel: Fine

Mouloud: Good. I’m glad you’re okay

Hazel: Thanks

Mouloud: You are my wonderful friend

Hazel: Thanks.

Mouloud: How is your family?

Hazel: Fine

Mouloud: Very good. Have a nice and enjoyable day.

Hazel: Same to you

Mouloud: Thank you

Hazel: You’re welcome

Mouloud: Thanks, me too

And that evening at 8.55pm, it starts again.

Mouloud: Hello good evening

Hazel: Gosh, are we doing this again???

There is no reply until Monday after at 2.15pm when I get the following message.

Mouloud: Hello Hazel how are you?

Hazel: Surely not again?

Mouloud: I am glad you are fine

Hazel: How many times will we do this?

Mouloud: As you like

And that was the decision made for me. Mouloud and I had finished our journey together. There was only so many times I could respond with the LinkedIn suggestions. The time had come to say goodbye. So I did, and blocked him shortly after.

Now, firstly I need to clarify something. I don’t usually answer with such abrupt responses. Sometimes you just know the discussion is not going to go well. You can sense early on that the connection request will be a time waster.

This is why I am always talking about the importance of checking who you connect with. If you never engage with those that send you connection requests how do you how they will benefit your network?

But finally – how does this LinkedIn connection approach work and what is it supposed to achieve?