In this blog post we would like to look at social media. We will help you decide if your business needs to invest in social media. We think it’s important to firstly talk about an investment. An investment isn’t meant just financially. This is especially the case for social media. When it comes to small and medium businesses it is often a time investment for social media, more than a financial investment.

So, based on time and financially, does your business need to invest in social media? Let’s have a look at the stats.

  • 92% of marketers state that they would class social media as important to their business.
  • 90% of marketers state that social media efforts generated more brand exposure for their business.
  • More than half of all marketers that have been using social media for their brand for 2 years+ have reported that is has helped improve their sales.

Now for some of the many reasons that your business needs to invest in social media. Just in case the stats weren’t enough.

  • It’s Cost Effective – Unlike with most other marketing and advertising; you don’t need to pay per advert. You can post as many times each day with no extra costs.
  • It’s Authentic – When you are posting on social media and not just selling at people you will gain authenticity points from your audience.
  • It’s Creative – Social media is your space to be creative. You can use your voice, tone and brand to clearly show why you are different to your competition.
  • It’s Engaging – You are creating a place for your target audience to gain a better understanding of your brand, but also engage with you. This helps build relationships.
  • It’s SEO Friendly – By posting on social media you are boosting your SEO points. This will help increase your ranking on search engines and help your website get found online.

If you think that your business should be investing in social media, but you don’t have the time to invest – then why not speak to our team. Investing time in social media and the online presence of your business is what we do best. Contact us now to find out more.