Every business has an audience. Every good business knows who that audience is. By understanding your audience and learning more about them you are able to ensure that you engage with them. You can also make sure you market to them in the right ways.  In this blog post we look at how different ages and generations read blog posts. If you know that your audience age read blogs, then its well worth you blogging!

So, does your audience age read blogs?

We looked at some research from a business called ResearchNow and they looked at exactly this. Below you can see what they found out;

18-34 year olds value blog posts as the most important information source when making buying decisions.

If you are trying to sell your product or service to an audience within this age range then blog posts about what you sell, how to guides and top tips will be really useful.

ResearchNow found that 35-54 year olds class their most important source when making buying decisions as recommendations from friends, family and colleagues. Second to that is the reading of blog posts.

This is really interesting for a few reasons.  For example, if people in this age bracket have friends with those in the lower age bracket then they will appreciate recommendations from this group, which are reading blog posts. You could also consider testimonials and case studies as blog posts. These will share those recommendations that could be from their friends, family or colleagues.

You may think that from this research, blog posts are only for the younger age brackets. However, this is not entirely the case. In the 55+ years old age bracket blogs are placed 3rd as the most valued source for making buying decisions. This was placed after recommendations from friends, family and colleagues in first place. In third place of importance; after these recommendations, but before blogging are editorial articles.

Again, blogging will support you if you are marketing to this age bracket as they may have friends, family members of colleagues in the lower age brackets. If the editorials and articles are in printed magazines, these can also be used on your website as blog posts. Using articles in this way will help you get additional high quality content for your website and double the use of the article, getting it to a wider audience.

If you think your audience age read blogs then you need to start blogging. We think you’ll find, after having read this blog post you’ll probably find your audience will be positively impacted by blogging. We can help you with some blogging brainstorming. Alternatively, we can create and write these blog posts for you.