As a friendly and approachable social media marketing company in Peterborough, we are often asked questions by small and medium business owners. One of the most commonly asked questions is “Does my business to be on every social media platform?”. We know why we are asked this question, but do you know the answer?

There are loads of social media platforms out there. In theory a social media platform is a free place to advertise your business. So, why wouldn’t your business need to be on every social media platform? Because your audience aren’t on here and because it’s blooming hard work to keep on top of it all.

Does my business to be on every social media platform? The simple answer is No!

While it doesn’t take too much time to set up new accounts on all the social media platforms for your business, managing them does take time. You need to keep an active presence on social media. This is much easier if you have 3 accounts, as opposed to 23 accounts.

Take the time to look at the different social media platforms and decide which are best for you. Which ones do you like the look of? Can you find your competitors on the platform? Are your target audience on the platform and happily engaging? What can you bring to the platform?

For example, on YouTube you need to upload videos. If you’re not a fan of videos, then this isn’t the right place for you. If you sell things that don’t picture well, like us selling ‘words’ for example, then Pinterest and Instagram don’t work for us.

You may speak to another business owner that raves about how well Instagram works for their business. They might tell you that you must use it for your business. But if you’re an accountant and they’re selling dresses – you’ll have a different audience. Not every platform that works for other businesses will work for yours.

If you’re not sure of the best social media platform for your business, book an online meeting with us. We can talk about your business and recommend the best platforms for you to be for your business. Then, if you need a hand with your social media marketing in Peterborough, we can help with that too.