So, what happens when you upload a blog?

When you upload your blog the ‘Google spiders’ see that you have added content to your page, the ‘spiders’ look at the written content and the words you have used to try and understand what you business does and therefore where your website should be ranked on the Google search engine. The spiders will then trawl the internet to make sure this content is not just a copy and paste from somewhere else and that it’s also not spammy.

Now Google have trawled your site they will index the page and it will be ranked in the Google search engine accordingly. Your potential customer will then type in a question that your article asks and they will be given the link to the blog post on your website.

The potential customer will read your blog post, they will find it interesting and engaging but most importantly it will encourage them to find out more about you and what you can offer them. They may continue to read more articles so they can learn more about you or they may go straight to the main part of your website to buy your product or find your contact details to find out more.

This is how blogging works in simple terms, if you would like to know more about how blogging can work for you or the blogging services we offer then give us a call.

Blogging is a fantastic thing for a business; it’s a way of keeping your website fresh with new content while keeping Google happy in the knowledge that you are an ‘active’ website. First we will go back to the basics explaining what blogging actually is.

Ideally, every website needs a blog. You can then upload one blog post a week, as a minimum, onto this ‘blog’. Each blog should be at least 300 words in length, it should include 1-3 keywords 3-5 times but most importantly a blog should be fresh, interesting and engaging.