Who remembers Susan Boyle? She was the older, badly dressed lady with a mono-brow on Britain’s Got Talent. This was the lady that flirted with Peirce Morgan before shocking the nation when she let out an amazing voice that nobody expected, especially not Simon Cowell. Well SuBo, as she was affectionately known, had an album party and the hashtag was as follows;


Sadly this can be read in two ways and these are as follows;
Sus Anal Bum Party
Susan Album Party

This is why I highly recommend that you use capital letters to split up the words in a hashtag on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Nobody wants everyone on Twitter thinking they want an Anal Bum Party.

Other top tips for using hashtags on social media are as follows;

* Try not to ever use more than 3 hashtags per post or tweet

* Don’t #Hashtag #Every #Single #Word as it looks ridiculous and shows you have completely missed the point of the hashtag and its uses for social media

* Use a hashtag to point out a unique part of the tweet or post, this could be #TaxTips or a #FridayFact for example, even your industry if that’s popular on Twitter

* Hashtags can be used for funny points to a tweet, or as a response to your comment. For example #JustSaying #TrueStory #Bring OnChristmas

If you are unsure how you can use hashtags for your social media give us a call – we are always happy to offer free advice, social media training or social media management to suit your needs.

Hashtags are big on Twitter, but they can also be slightly / very annoying when used incorrectly. They can also be misunderstood quite badly when not used in the right way. We have put together this article on how to use hashtags to save you the embarrassment that using hashtags incorrectly can cause.