So, I’m writing this blog post for a few reasons. Firstly, I am really keen to shop local in Peterborough this Christmas. With the second lockdown in place and shops closed, this has been made a little harder – but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Just like my business is online, many Christmas gift sellers are online too.

I want to hear from those businesses that sell Christmas gifts in Peterborough. Tell me what you sell and how much it is. Then I can look at my list of people I need to buy gifts for and see who will love that gift.

I live in Peterborough and that is where my business is based. I want to support my local business community as much as I can, and my friends want to as well. Tell me what you sell and how much it costs, and I can tell my friends that are also looking for Christmas gifts in Peterborough this year. I will be happy to share your awesome Christmas gifts on my social media if I think my audience could be interested.

Finally, as you’ll probably know by now, I’m a member of BNI Quantum. We are a business networking group in Peterborough that meet every Thursday. We are having an open day for all the businesses that sell Christmas gifts in Peterborough.

Long story short, there are like-minded business owners who, just like me, want to shop local this Christmas, but also want the Christmas shopping done. On Thursday 26th November we are inviting local businesses that sell Christmas gifts in Peterborough to join us and sell their gifts to us.

Every business will get one minute to talk about their business and what they sell. At the end there is chance to swap details, find out more and make sure essential Christmas purchases too.

It’s completely free to attend and all online too. The only downside is that it’s a 6.45am start and you’ll need to bring your own coffee!

If you sell Christmas gifts in Peterborough or know someone that does, drop me a line. I can book you on. Then send you the log-ins. Hopefully I can place an order with you soon too.