We talk to a lot of business owners about blogging. However, we very often come across people that blog, but they don’t know why. They’ve been told by a friend, colleague or business coach that they need to blog. But they don’t actually know why they are blogging.

In this blog post we help you to under why you’re blogging. We do this by putting together some of the most common reasons that people are told to blog or why business owner’s blog. Hopefully one or more of these reasons will relate to you. Then you will know why you’re blogging.

The main reason that business owners blog is for the SEO benefits. Blog posts uploaded to your website frequently keep your website fresh and updated. This means that your website doesn’t look old or stale. When visitors come back to your website there is more for them to see. Google and other search engines see these updates to your website too. Due to the fact you are keeping your website active and updated, you will gain SEO points too.

You can also use your chosen keywords in blog posts. The keywords used within the blog posts help with your SEO too. The better your SEO ranking, the higher you will show on Google. In turn, the higher you rank on search engines, the more traffic to your website. Chances are, the more traffic to your website that you get, the better the sales for your business.

Another reason that business owners blog is to get content for their marketing campaign. If you’re struggling with content or things to post for social media, blog posts can help with this. Your blog posts can also be used as articles on LinkedIn as well as snippets across social media. Some business owners share their blog posts in emails, newsletters and on flyers too.  The blog posts will give you the content you need for a successful marketing campaign.

Still not sure why you’re blogging, or if you should be blogging for your business? Call our team of blog writers in Peterborough. We can talk with you about why blogging is beneficial for your business.