We’ve been banging the drum for business blogging for many years now. WE have been banging the drum and encouraging businesses to blog because it works. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t still be in business 10+ years later, and our clients certainly wouldn’t either. Blogging has lots of benefits. However, the benefit of business blogging we would like to share today is the ROI.

We came across some research by Sprink Digital. They have been looking at business blogging ROI (return on investment). There findings were definitely interesting.

For example, they found that businesses that blog on a regular basis will get 25% more traffic, on average, within their first year of blogging. What could 25% more traffic to your website do for your business?

Their research also found that bloggers get an average increase of 15 – 20% in new monthly leads. All of these extra leads are generated from their blogging efforts. How much more money could 15 – 20% more leads bring in to your business?

The research also found that those businesses publishing new blog posts at least 2x a week were classed as high-performing blogs. These high-performing blogs saw a lead growth increase of over 30% year on year. Fancy nearly a third more leads for your business?

These are just some of the amazing business blogging ROIs you can expect to see when you blog for your business, or outsource your business blogging. Through blogging your business can scale it’s lead generation efforts to the next level. While the cost of content creation stays the same, it is still a much lower cost compared to other content formats such as eBooks and infographics that also promise to boost your lead generation efforts.

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