Business owners are often told the importance of having a niche. If you have a niche then your marketing is easier. You know what you sell and who you are selling it to. Therefore you can target your online marketing to the right place.

You can also ensure that your business is present in all the right places. The online places where your target audience are. This could be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or similar. So, in theory a niche makes it easier for you to get your business out there. But, do you have a niche?

I’m going to let you into a little secret. It’s not a very well kept secret in fairness. However, it could be classed as a secret. Here at Creative Content Company we do not have a niche. As you can see from our testimonials page, we work with a number of different industries and clients. That’s what makes running the business so interesting.

We have different topics, clients and sectors to create content for each day. If we only worked with schools on their online marketing, for example, it would get boring. We do work with a school on their social media at present. It’s certainly not boring. However, all we did was work with schools, it could get quite boring.

If you have a niche that works for you, that’s great. But if you don’t have a niche is that really such a big deal? Creative Content Company will have been going for 9 years this September. We don’t have a niche and it doesn’t seem to have stopped us. It may have slowed us down of course, but we will never know that for sure. What we do not is that we have a business we are proud of.

We have clients that are happy with what we do and if we had a niche we would have to say goodbye to some of them. This would be a real shame because we actually really like our clients. Many of whom have been with us for a number of years. We can’t imagine not having online marketing to do for them each month.

Do you have a niche? It might help improve your marketing if you do. But don’t stress. A lot of businesses out there don’t have a niche and just like us, they’re doing alright!