Here at Creative Content Company we write a lot of blog posts and website content for small business of all industries. We also work with around 20 clients on social media management every month. If you look at our testimonials page you will see that we have over 200 different testimonials from our happy clients. But what’s interesting is that these businesses are form all sorts of different industries. So, do we have a niche? Nope!

We often speak to business owners about the blogging needs that they have for their business. They will ask “do we have a niche?” and the answer is always no. However, the follow up to the answer will usually be that we have written for their industry in the past.

Our content writers have created blogs for a wide range of industries. This include recruitment clients, window cleaners, plumbers, pest control, restaurants, schools, electricians, accountants, solicitors and more. There are very few industries that we haven’t worked with. This is because we have no niche.

The great thing about this is that we are not an expert in any industry. This means that we can write content that is written in a language that your audience will understand. We are the ‘Joe Public’. So, we can write blog posts for your business that relate to ‘Joe Public’s just like us.

If you’re looking for in-depth, professional and informative white papers and reports for your business, then you’ll need a content writer with a niche. However, if you are just looking to grow your business online then we think we are the content writers for you.

We can come up with the ideas for your blog posts or we can create blog posts to the titles of your choice. These will be written in an informal and engaging way and in a language that your audience will understand.

So, do we have a niche? No, but actually we think that’s a good thing!