The Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition is taking place later this month, on Wednesday 22nd February. This is the biggest business event on the calendar in the local area. If you are a business own in or around Peterborough – you should definitely be there! But do you need a social media plan for the Peterborough Biscuit?

If you’re going as an attendee to the event, then a social media plan for the Peterborough Biscuit should include a few posts in the run up. You can say you’re attending and invite others to attend too. Make sure you use the hashtag ( #PbotoBiscuit2023 ) of the event. This will help you engage with other exhibitors and attendees of the event. Follow the hashtag too and engage with others using it. This will help build some relationships and get others knowing about you before the day.

Are you attending the Peterborough Biscuit as an exhibitor? In which case you definitely need a social media plan for the Peterborough Biscuit. We would recommend a newsletter that talks about you attending, then sharing this on your social media. Upload a blog post talking about your exhibition stand and what exhibitors can expect. Once more, share this on your social media too. Then, have a countdown to the event, 3 5 or 7 days for example. This should include snippets of what people can expect as well as photos of your marketing materials and your stand number too.

Maybe you are a partner or sponsor of the event? In which case, you need to go big on your social media plan for the Peterborough Biscuit. Peterborough Biscuit will be promoting the event and your business as a sponsor or partner. Make sure you are following them on social media so you can share these posts from their pages too. Shout about being a sponsor or partner in your newsletters and blogs. Make sure this is copied onto your social media.

Just like with exhibitors, share a countdown to the event with photos of the team attending, your stand and what people can get from your stand. This way attendees will come to the event to find your stand and find out more about you and your business. You will have overcome the first communication barrier as they will know who you are and what you do already.

If you need help with your social media planning and posting for the Peterborough Biscuit, call us. We can manage your social media accounts for you during this period and posts photos on set-up day and the day before too. We will use the hashtag #PboroBiscuit2023 in your posts too.

Creative Content Company are the proud Blogging Partners of the Peterborough Biscuit 2023. We are keen to help other exhibitors achieve the most they can from the event. Hope to see you there on the 22nd February 2023.