As many of you know, Creative Networking was created as a not for profit networking group by Hazel Cottrell who is the founder and owner of Creative Content Company. Charity, community and people are always on Hazels mind so it made sense that we found a way of supporting the Rape Crisis Care Group in Peterborough.

Established in 1983, the Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group offers women a safe, confidential and non-judgemental support service whether the sexual violence has happened recently or many years in the past, whether it was committed by a member of the family, someone the female knows or a complete stranger.

A wide range of volunteers work with Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group from a whole range of backgrounds, they have been trained to help women survivors of sexual abuse and / or sexual violence.

Creative Networking is supporting Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group by collecting toiletries and sanitary goods to take to the Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group. All we are asking is for our clients to collect those small bottles of toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel that you find when you stay in hotels, as well as the wrapped bars of soaps and any sanitary goods. These will then be given to females that arrive straight to the Rape Crisis Care Group in Peterborough from the scene of sexual abuse or sexual violence.

We will have a large bag at all #CreativeNetworking events that you can put the toiletries and sanitary products in. This bag will be at the Creative Networking Coffee Mornings, Creative Networking Speed Networking Lunches and Creative Networking Breakfast events as well as all Creative Content Company social media and blogging workshops.

If you or someone you know is going on holiday please can you share this blog post with them so we can collect as many goods for these poor females as possible. You don’t have to bring something with you every time; just bear the collection in mind when you go on holiday or hear of someone else that is going on holiday.