So, by now you should have seen or heard something about Creative Networking and our relaunch of business networking in Peterborough? We have started Creative Networking as a networking event that takes place in the local community. It is affordable and friendly with a formal(ish) layout for attendees. Each attendee gets 1 minute to promote their business to the room. This is included in the ticket cost of the event. 

However, we know that sometimes you have something to talk about that needs a little bit more promotion. Maybe something needs that little bit more time. This is where our Creative Networking Sponsorship Opportunities come in. For just £75 you get one free ticket to our networking event. This includes the 60 second presentation for your business and the food or drink offered at the event. You can place a roller banner up at the networking event too. There will also be a table available which you can use as an exhibition stand where your business cards, flyers and other marketing materials can be placed.

You will also have 10 minutes to promote your business, business offering, special deal or upcoming event to the room. Further to this, you will be able to choose the random question that all attendees answer in their 60 second presentation. This can be a really useful research opportunity for your business. It is also a chance to get to know your audience better.

That’s all the stuff you get at the event for your £75. In addition to this, we will help promote your Creative Networking sponsorship in the run up to the event. The networking event will be advertised on Facebook, in a blog post and on Eventbrite too. In these places, you will be named as the sponsor of this meeting. There will also be a line or two about your business or offering included in the event details. This will be promoted across our social media platforms in the run up to the event too.

It is important to note that we will only be having one sponsor per event. We only run two business networking events in Peterborough per month too. If you are interested in our Creative Networking Sponsorship Opportunities you will need to act fast. As with our networking events, there is a preferential rate for clients of Creative Content Company for the Creative Networking sponsorship opportunities too. Instead of paying £75 for this opportunity, our clients can pay just £50 for the same deal.

Want to know more about Creative Networking, the Creative Networking sponsorship opportunities or how our clients can network for less? Contact Hazel now.