With a New Year upon us, we felt that Creative Networking was ready for a little lick of paint, some TLC and a bit of a shape up. The #CreativeNetworking team put their heads together and we had some meetings with various people and we are very excited with the outcome – if you like networking you will love what we have got planned;

Coffee Morning Networking – First Tuesday of the Month – The Marriott Hotel, Lynchwood – FREE
This is our newest networking event and has never been tried by #CreativeNetworking before. The thought process was that there are over 300 businesses on Lynchwood and hardly any of us know each other so the Coffee Morning has been set up to do exactly that, although we are inviting all business people to come along – wherever your business is. The event itself is free; just buy a drink at the bar.

Dinner Networking – Second Tuesday of the Month – The Quality Inn Hotel, Peterborough – £25

Arranged by popular demand from those attending the Christmas Dinner, it’s a 4 course meal for £25. After each course you move seats to network with different people. The event is open to everyone and as the menu changes seasonally it will fast become one of the most popular networking dinners in Peterborough, maybe even Cambridgeshire.

Breakfast Networking – Third Thursday of the Month – The Hampton, Hampton – £12
Our breakfast meetings are now once a month and have exactly the same layout (as this has been working well so far), arrive from 7.45am, grab a coffee, get signed in and start networking with other attendees. When everyone has arrived (35 people maximum), we take turns to do a 60second presentation about our business and what we can offer other people in the room. We then get our breakfast, which includes full English and continental breakfast via an unlimited buffet selection. Back at the tables we can network with others at our table before a presentation by a guest speaker. All attendees are then matched with someone else in the room, chosen at random, and they get 10minutes on a one-to-one basis, before passing any good news, special offers, thanks and referrals.

Lunchtime Networking – Last Friday of the Month – Beijing Rendezvous, Orton Wistow – £10
Our lunchtime networking was previously a brilliant event than ran really well, but it was in the City Centre so parking soon became a nightmare. The #CreativeNetworking team have taken this on board and we have moved venues where parking is available. Attendees can arrive from 12noon for 30minutes of eating and table networking. At 12.30pm you get 10 minutes with the person opposite you before moving onto the next person for ten minutes. It’s kind of like a slowed down, speed dating for the business world.

#CreativeNetworking was set up as a not for profit networking event, it’s open to business people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. There are no membership fees so if you fancy coming along just book on via the MeetUp website – we’re under Creative Networking. Hope to see you soon!