The Creative Content Company team are very excited to be cheering Dan on from the stands at the Posh ground in just a few weeks. Dan is our Corporate Event Support and joined the team early 2019. On 27th May he will be playing football and taking on soccer aid for Sue Ryder.

This event has been organised by Vince and looks to be a brilliant fundraising event. The teams have been created from Man V Fat Peterborough. Man V Fat is a weight loss group for men. During his time there, Dan has lost over 25% of his body weight. You score off pitch goals for losing weight and tracking your food. You then score goals on the pitch too.

Creative Content Company Take On Cambridge Half Marathon

Having been in goal at the beginning, and starting to take on new positions, Dan is excited for the upcoming match taking on Soccer Aid for Sue Ryder. The Creative Content Company team are excited too as we will be going along to cheer him on. It will be an 11-a-side match in front of a crowd of around 200.

Money raised will go to the well-known charity Sue Ryder, in Peterborough. This is a charity close to our hearts that we have helped to raise funds for before. Having had friends spend their last days at the hospice, we have seen first hand just how important the service they offer is. It is a charity that supports people living with terminal illnesses, neurological conditions and those that have lost loved ones.

It will be a great day out for the whole family. If you saw the videos of us supporting Dan in his charity boxing match – you’ll know just how supportive we are as cheerleaders. The Soccer Aid for Sue Ryder is hoping to raise over £500 for charity. There will be Just Giving pages for the teams. These will be shared on social media when they go live. The team that raises the most money for charity through the Soccer Aid for Sue Ryder will gain the privilege of using the home teams changing room before and after the match.

There are opportunities to support the charity by donating. If you are a local business looking to do so, then please contact us directly. We will happily connect you with the organisers. You can be a shirt sponsor or enter the raffle to pick the music to choose the walk-out music for the teams.

In addition to this, there are still tickets available to watch the match on Saturday 27th May. They are just £2.50 each – with profits going to a very worthwhile charity.  If you are attending, make sure you come and say Hello to us.