Before Angela or Sarah read this and have a heart attack, or you are wondering how on earth Hazel could do that – it’s worth saying it’s Dan taking on this challenge. He has previously run the Great Eastern Half Marathon around 4 years ago and came in at nearly four hours. Now, with his help, Creative Content Company take on the Cambridge Half Marathon. In which he hopes to complete in less than two and half hours.

Dan is our Corporate Event Support. Clients will have seen him at our Corporate Polo Day and annual anniversary events. He also attends the business exhibitions we have stands at. This includes the Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition for example. A fun fact that some of you might not know, he is due to marry Hazel in April this year!

So, courtesy of Dan, Creative Content Company take on the Cambridge Half Marathon in March. He is doing to raise essential funds for Little Miracles in Peterborough. This is charity that is close to Dan’s heart and a charity we have worked with previously and support. They do some really amazing work for children with additional needs and their families.

If you would like to sponsor Dan in his challenge, you can do so by clicking here and following the link.

But, if you fancy joining Angela and Hazel cheering him on, before going for a light lunch and cocktails to celebrate Dans achievement, drop us a line.

Dan is working extremely hard at his fitness levels. He joined Man V Fat, which was recommended to him by one of our clients, and he is doing extremely well. Dan has lost a whopping 4 stone in the last 4 months due to exercise and dieting. Want to know more about Man V Fat, drop us a line and we will connect you with our client that’s a team captain.

If you can sponsor Dan, we would be very grateful. I know he would too. Further to that, Michelle and her team at Little Miracles would be extremely grateful. Please do donate if you can. No matter how big or small your donation may be – you’ll be making a lot of people very happy.