This news is HOT OF THE PRESS, we are thrilled to be given this amazing opportunity and we love the fact it’s a local project too. The team here at Creative Content Company have been given the job of managing social media platforms on Facebook for Peterborough Does Business with the organiser Gary Johannes.

After our Director, Hazel Cottrell, stopped jumping up and down excitedly in the Creative Content Company HQ we asked her what she thought about the project (as if we didn’t already know!?!?!!?)

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us, as a local business in Peterborough we are already involved with Peterborough Does Business and the superb work Gary Johannes (who organises the group) does. I think that the two facebook pages are a really great way to get local businesses of all sizes engaging with each other while supporting, helping and giving advice. I started out on my own and it’s nice to know that people are in the same boat as you and it’s also nice to know someone is there to lend an ear. That is what I like about the two facebook platforms, Peterboroughdoesbusiness and Peterborough Does Business Colaborators.”

Once upon a time (a year ago in fact), Peterborough Does Business was started by an experienced networking group organiser called Gary Johannes. It is a networking event that brings together forty businesses from Peterborough and surrounding areas. These people are then given the opportunity to have beverages and network with everyone, then network in groups of 6-10 then network on a one-to-one basis. On top of this Gary calls in some of the best guest speakers from across the UK to come and talk with the group, people that have started out on their own and are now happy to share tips of the trade so others can do the same.

From this group came the Peterboroughdoesbusiness facebook page which updates you with news of members and upcoming events.

It was just last month that a ‘collaborators’ group was discussed. This gives people in Peterborough the chance to get together throughout the month and discuss problems and find solutions online. Members are encouraged to recommend the services of those they have used in the local area, it is encouraged that people go here with their questions and it’s encouraged that the members help, support, guide and advise others to help grow every business in Peterborough.

The team here at Creative Content Company are managing the social media platform, encouraging member engagement and making sure that everyone is able to share their news, ask questions and offer advice.
If you are a business in Peterborough and you want to get involved pop along to Facebook and type in Peterborough Does Business and you’ll find us!