As you may have already seen across social media photos, updates, posts, cards and videos – Creative Content Company Is Small Business Of The Year Peterborough 2018. This was the overall award at the Small Business Awards Peterborough. I can assure, as Creative Content Company, we were stunned when our name was read out.

We have been based in Peterborough from a month after the business was set up. This is just over 5 years (you may have seen we recently celebrated 5 years in business?). As a small business in Peterborough we have seen loads of other businesses achieve incredible things. Yet, we have stayed small and compact.

When the business was set up there were dreams of becoming huge and having offices across the world. I quickly employed two sales people for the business. I wasn’t sure of my own dreams for the business or what I hoped to achieve. By bringing in sales people I found they were sending out the wrong message and this wasn’t what I wanted.

As I began in business I felt like a small business couldn’t be successful. This was why I was so keen to grow. Surely a small business was a new business that hadn’t got enough clients yet?

However, as the months went on, I kept the admin lady I had bought on in the December of our first year in business. I let the sales team go and kept it just as me and Angela. A winning team!

And why couldn’t we be a winning team?

As a small team I am able to work with only the clients I want to work with. I know the level of work that I provide is second to none and makes my clients happy. I am part of my own team, but I am also part of the teams of the clients I work with.

And clearly we are a winning team – Creative Content Company Is Small Business Of The Year Peterborough 2018!