As you may have seen from previous updates on social media and blogs on the website, we moved into our fab new office in Fengate from Norman Cross just over 18 months ago. However, we have now decided that it’s time to move again and this time we are moving home. Creative Content Company goes home.

Angela is our Admin Assistant. She has been with us since December 2013 and always worked from home. Dan works for us part time at corporate events and exhibitions. Sarah is the most recent to join the team. She started on 1st March 2020, just before the pandemic and lockdown. While we had planned, she would work from the office, things are working really well with her based at home.

Meanwhile, me, Hazel, the owner and founder of the business, is sat in the office all on my own. While have lovely business neighbours and the gorgeous, branded flooring – it does seem like a waste of money. It also means that we are unable to keep our marketing service prices affordable as the office rent, etc costs need to be covered.

On top of that, in 18 months, we have only had one of our clients visit us at the office. We have been to everyone else’s offices or had yummy drinks at Starbucks.

So, as Hazel and her partner were looking for a new home, it was decided the office would be taken home. The house finally completed on 16th November, a new carpet (green of course) is being laid as we speak. The orange sofa bed has been purchased and will be delivered soon. The blue cat stand is waiting to be built and it will match the blue office chair. While the new office flooring won’t be as funky as the current office flooring – it will still be a very branded office.

So, what will change for our existing and new clients?

Nothing! We will not need to put our prices up at this time. We can still come to your office for meetings, or we can meet in local café and we will get the drinks. You will still get the same great marketing services in Peterborough at affordable prices.

We just wanted to let you know we are on the move – but there is definitely nothing to worry about. Creative Content Company goes home, but we are still here for all your online marketing needs.