We have been having a lot of happy little dances here at Creative Content Company head office. Recently, we found out that we have won an award from the SME Business Elite Awards 2023. However, it isn’t just any old aware. There is a word in the award title that has made us ridiculously proud of ourselves. We have been awarded Most Trusted Social Media Management Company 2023. Not just for Peterborough or Cambridgeshire. It’s for the whole of East England.

Pretty impressive right? We aren’t just one of the best social media management companies in Peterborough. We are the most trusted social media company in the East of England. Trust is a huge word. It’s a heavy word and it certainly means a lot to us. Of course, we want to be one of the best social media companies. However, being the most trusted social media management companies carries so much more weight.

Here at Creative Content Company, we have always wanted our clients to enjoy working with us. We want them to feel that they can trust us and rely on us. This is what this award is confirming for us. 10 years in business and we have been awarded this incredible title.

SME Business Elite Awards 2023 program judges have taken their time to look at businesses. They have looked at their online presence, social media, testimonials, reviews, work experience and more. From doing this, they have decided that Creative Content Company are the most trusted social media company in the East of England. It still just feels pretty insane if we are honest; insane good though.

So, we guess that all that’s left to say is that if you are looking to work with a social media marketing company you can trust – you best give us a call! After all, we won an award saying we can be trusted and who are we to disagree!