Here at Creative Content Company we feel there is content and there is smart content and these are two very different things so in this blog post we would like to share some tips with you to create some smart website content for your company website;

  • When you are writing website content make sure you have your ideal customer in mind; put yourself in their shoes and you’ll be able to create content that the reader will read and engage with.
  • Use keywords on each page or website content and blog post, don’t over use keywords to make the content look spammy or unreadable; the copy still needs to make sense and the inserted keywords need to read naturally.
  • Always opt for simplified language in all of your website copy because your target audience reader is unlikely to know as much about your business and your product as you so make sure you write in a language they will understand and use non-technical words.
  • Make sure your website is regularly updated and that the reader knows that so they want to keep coming back for more to find out more about you, your brand, the offerings of your business and the industry.
  • Layout your website content intelligently; don’t have lines and lines of content all bunched together, instead use short sharp paragraphs, bullet point lists (like we have done in this blog post) or even subtitles to break the content up.

When you know your business so well and have been living and breathing your business for any amount of time it can be hard to view your business as an outsider and write content for someone on the outside of your business and industry.

Well help is at hand; here at Creative Content Company we are on the outside of your business which allows us to review your website content for you, offer advice and areas that need change or improvement, or we can re-write your website content to help you engage with your audience through smart content.