If you decide that you want to blog for your business yourself then the key to success is to create a blogging routine that works for you. It’s easy to look at what everyone else is doing and use that as your blogging routine but that may not be the best blogging routine for you.

For example, here at Creative Content Company we publish one new blog post every other day – this doesn’t mean we write a new blog post every other day. Sometimes we will take a day out of the diary to create blogs on a certain topic; for example a community project we are working on, blogging ideas for different industries or upcoming creative networking events and we will then schedule those posts for weeks and months in advance.

On top of this we will spend one morning a week creating blog posts for the week ahead to fill in the gaps to ensure that one new blog post goes live at least every other day. That is the blogging routine that works for us, but we understand this isn’t what works for everyone because everyone is different.

Your blogging routine may be that you write a new blog post as and when you have time or come up with ideas – in cases like this you need to look at how many you write a week or month on average and schedule them for upcoming weeks and months so you don’t have loads of new content in one day and then nothing for a few months.

It’s a great idea to see what works for your readers – while posting on a Friday may be ideal for your local electrician it may be that Sunday afternoons work better for you so try out different days of the week or month to see what your readers engage with more. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to blog writing because every blog writer, company and reader is different.

There is no harm in asking readers of your company blog posts what they want – use a blog post as a survey or poll to see how often they come to your website, their favourite topics and what day they tend to read your blog posts.

If blogging for your business feels like a chore then this will come through in the content – if you are finding blogging for your business a bit of a drag then give us a call and we can help inspire you or write your business blog posts for you.