In this blog post we want to look at creating your Twitter profile. Twitter is a brilliant social media platform. That’s what we think at Creative Content Company anyway. While we have seen some businesses move away from it, it is still a great place for us to get engagement with our audience. This platform also directs the most traffic to our website too – even though we post on all social media platforms the same amount of times.

Below we have put together a little checklist for you. You can use this when creating your Twitter profile to make sure you have included everything you need to and to make sure nothing has been missed.

  1. Create a custom background. This could be something that is relevant to your business, or even your hobbies. Your background is what people see when they leave their own newsfeed and go to your Twitter page.
  • While it may be tempting to get your brand out there and show off your logo, we would recommend against it. For your profile photo we would recommend you have a photo of you. This should ideally be a headshot as this is easier to see in a small space. People talk to people so use your own face so people can engage with you.
  • Put as much detail as you can into your bio. There is a character limit, but use it to its potential. Talk a little about you, what you do and your hobbies for example. Some people prefer to use their bio to explain what people can expect from following them on Twitter. Both of these options work.
  • Think about the keywords you want to be found for on your website and use these in your bio too. We tend to use hashtags for the keywords we want to be found for as this helps the keywords standout to people reading our bio. Plus it removes the risk of wasted characters in the bio as there is a hashtag instead of ‘and’.
  • Make sure you include a clickable link to your website too. This is where people can go to find out more about you. Sure, they could search your business name on Google. However this could end up in them landing on a competitor’s website. This is something you definitely want to avoid!

If you need help creating your Twitter profile let us know. We can create it for you, or talk you though how to set it up. We can also offer Twitter training, ongoing Twitter management or we can manage your Twitter while you are away or work gets busy.