When it comes to any form of marketing, you need to create content that excites your audience. This is even more so the case when it comes to social media content. Your social media content needs to excite your audience. This is what will get them to share the content and engage with your business. Your content needs to ads value to the reader.

There are lots of different types of social media content that you can create. For example, it could be educational content such as e-books and blog posts as well as how to videos. You could also post entertaining social media content. This could be things like funny memes or GIFs, along with video stories and clips of behind the scenes. There are also types of sharable social media content you can share that excites. This includes things like emotional videos along with social or community awareness. Anything that has the potential to go viral would be classed as sharable social media content that excites.

The thing about social media content is that it needs to be impactful. This will ensure that your customers take notice of it and interact with it. In turn, this will create a ripple effect that can lead to organic growth.

Research shows that 71% of consumers that have had a positive brand experience on social media will be more likely to recommend the brand to others.

But what does a ‘positive experience’ mean?

A positive experience doesn’t actually have to mean a direct interaction between and consumer and a customer service rep. It could be watching a funny video, reading an impactful article or seeing how a brand supports a local cause or charity for example.

How can you make positive experiences for your target audience, so they engage with your brand and promote your brand among their social circles?

You could start by looking at the customer interactions within your industry or business niche. What content is exciting their target audience and how can you use this in your business. Think about what your customers pain points are and how you can address them. What content really excites your target audience?

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