As you will have seen from previous blog posts and social media updates, I am a member of Connect Business Networking in Peterborough. It is a member-only networking event in Peterborough that runs every other week on a Thursday morning when we meet for breakfast and the networking meeting.

One of the members of the group is Little Miracles; they are an incredible charity based locally with other branches across Cambridgeshire. They help children that need support with autism and asperges, right through to end of life care. Little Miracles need lots of support from the local business community so they can help the children and their families live their lives in the best possible way.

During the summer holidays they will be looking after 100-700 children across their branches and need help with the funding of some of the sessions they will be running for these children. These sessions could be volcano making, hill rolling, kite making and flying, sailing and so much more.

Sessions cost from £30 – £50 per session and Little Miracles are asking if you could sponsor just one session? Of course there are many larger sessions and days out that are a higher cost, but if each business could sponsor just one event then that would be amazing.

Alternatively, if a one-off cost of £30 – £50 is not possible then why not text Rainbow to 70660 which will donate £3 a month to Little Miracles and pay for a child to attend a session with Little Miracles. Each month you will get a reminder that your £3 is due to come out and you’re able to cancel at any time – so you’re never tied in. It’s just your chance to pay a little towards an amazing charity.

If you’d like to know more about Little Miracles and the owner / founder Michelle then why not contact her directly, or come as my guest to Connect Business Networking and I would be happy to introduce you.